About Us

Welcome to Rilekla !

Rilekla is an upcoming pan Malaysian page that highlights the latest social, political and entertainment news ALL over the world. We have started this news and media page in May 2020.

Although we are a “FRESHIE” to this field, we are creative and determined to fulfill the needs of our audience on a daily basis.

What We Do

We are passionate about bringing the latest and share-worthy news to our audiences and not to exaggerate, but we are ALREADY putting our heart and soul to provide our audiences with nothing but the highest quality write-ups and posts.

With a motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that will bring the news a step closer to you.

Our Slogan

“AIN’T YOUR AVERAGE STORY” as our slogan may sound silly to some. But, no we are determined to come up with a wide range of stories instead of just covering the same ones.

Sometimes, all we want as a READER is a fresh new style or different way of covering things. If you are one of them, then this page is highly recommended to you!

Our Values

PRIORITY ~ We put our audiences FIRST
HARD WORK ~ We don’t dream about success, we WORK for it
PASSION ~ We DO what we LOVE & we LOVE what we DO
CONFIDENCE ~ We are young but we are STRONG
ETHICS ~ Strong VALUES are our immune system.