Are You Being Cyber-bullied? Here Are Some Tips to Deal With It

Do you know what exactly is cyber-bullying? How do you differentiate between bullying and cyber-bullying? What are the ways to overcome them?

Confused, hurt, and feeling victimized? Worry no more, we are here to guide you!

Bullying and Cyberbullying -
Difference between bullying and cyber-bullying

The ultimate difference between bullying and cyber-bullying

Bullying is a repetitive and consistent aggressive behavior that can be physical, verbal, or relative, either in-person or online.

Meanwhile, bullying has certain limits, cyber-bullying is done freely almost anywhere and everywhere as it is technologically bounded and does not require any face-to-face contact. Since cyber-bullying can follow you anywhere at any time, no place, not even home, ever feels safe for you.

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Usually, cyber-bullying often happens via social media, texts, websites, and other online platforms. It can either occur in public or private and most of the time, only the bully and victims know that it’s happening.

Why exactly is cyber-bullying critical to the society?

In the last few years or say a decade, cyber-bullying has gone to a great extreme that the victims range from any age range and it can even be anyone. Most of the time, the victims tend to end their life to put a stop to the pain that the cyber-bullying had caused.

The statistics from the Cyberbullying Research Center show that there have been multiple cases of individuals ending their own life because due to them being cyber-bullied and harassed over the internet, a phenomenon that they have termed as “cyberbullicide“. 

Cyberbullicide is a condition where suicide was indirectly or directly influenced by experiences with online aggression.

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Cyberbullicide’s effect

Lately, a rise in suicidal cases in celebrities and world-known fame is pretty evident. This further adds to the researcher’s term that cyber-bullying can happen to anyone.

The list of celebrities/ fame that committed suicide in 2020 due to cyber-bullying

1. Hana Kimura, a Japanese wrestler
2. Stan Kirsch, actor
3. Silvio Horta, show creator
4. Camila María Concepción, trans Latina writer, actress, and activist
5. Preksha Mehta, Hindi actor
6. Sejal Sharma, Hindi actor

The list above is just based on the celebrities, imagine the number of normal individuals that committed suicide on a day to day basis due to cyber-bullying.

Cyber-bullying is like a virus to the society. The better you know it, the more you can avoid it.

In the next section, we will guide you on how you can identify cyber-bullying, who does the bullying, and how can you deal with it.

How to identify cyber-bullying?

1. Abusive or mean text messages, posts, images or videos
2. Nasty comments on the victim’s profile or spreading rumors online.
3. Imitating people online or using their log-in to hurt them.
4. More than a person group against a victim to make them feel at fault.

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How to identify cyber-bullying

Why does one become a cyber-bully?

1. To become famous or to gain other people’s attention.
2. They could be jealous of you.
3. To show superiority.
4. To escape their own problems.

How does the bully select their victim?

There could as many reasons as possible why is the bully targeting you out of all. Yet, some of the researchers have concluded that most of the time the bully tends to look out for victims that do not stand out or too mainstream. Some researchers even argue that it could be the victim’s way of dressing, speaking, acting, race, or religion that the bully targets.

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Bullies’ target

How does cyber-bullying affect the victim?

1. Helplessness, vulnerability, and isolated feeling.
2. Hatred towards yourself and the people around you.
3. You become a different person, too quite and self-isolation.
4. Your mental-health at its lowest.
5. Constant procrastination and skipping classes or work.
6. Frequent thoughts of self-hurting and suicidal.

Everyone has a role to prevent suicides

What should you do to deal with cyber-bully?

Logically speaking, the solution to cyber-bullying is not simple whereas most of the time it requires a helping hand from your family and friends or the society.

However, there’s plenty of measures that you can work on to stop the cyber-bullying from becoming a suicide as often cyber-bullying is a series of attack that happens for a period of time.

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How to deal with cyber-bullying

Some of the measures you can take to deal with cyber-bully would be as below:

1. Take a break from your phone or social media account; the source of the bullying.

2. Save the evidence of the cyber-bullying incident and report it to a higher authority.

3. Do not respond to the bully’s message, comment, or post. If possible, try to block them on the platforms that they use to bully you.

4. Do not try to seek revenge by yourself; it may cost your life.

5. Do not put the blame on you, love yourself. It’s not your fault, do not let the bully control your mind with their thoughts.

6. Do not beat yourself up. Don’t reciprocate the bullying incident or read the harassment message again and again. Delete that thing and move on.

7. Try to do something that you love to keep yourself occupied. This will keep you busy and hinder you from suicidal thoughts.

8. Talk to someone; be it your family, friends, or colleagues. All you need to do is share your burden to someone trustable to avoid suffering in silence.

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Saving the evidence of cyber-bullying

Now that we have covered all the significant parts that you need to know about cyber-bullying, we would like to request you to lend a hand to a cyber-bullying victim.

Do not indulge in ANY form of cyber-bullying activities; you never know if it costs someone’s life. It is up to us to create a better society and environment for our fellow family and friends.

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