The News of Sugu’s Arrest Has Irked Mixed Comments from Netizens

Just a while ago, we all have been shocked by the news of a famous Youtuber’s husband being arrested due to domestic abuse.

Many of us been guessing that it could be Pavithra’s husband Sugu. And, now netizens are confirming that it is indeed Sugu by looking at the circulation of the news covered by the famous news sites.

Apart from that, the latest post from Sugu Pavithra’s social handle has also hinted the reliability of the news.

Image may contain: text that says 'official_sugupavithra Follow 43m Hi The couple (Sugu & Pavithra) would like to take some time off and focus on their personal life and hence, they would not be proceeding with any brand engagements for few weeks now.'

It is said that the cause of domestic abuse was Sugu’s rage due to Pavithra’s speech while receiving the ‘Ipoh City Icon’ award in which she did not mention her husband’s name.

However, this news has irked a lot of people and created a war of mixed emotions between the netizens.

Some of them are seen to support Pavithra, some even bashed both of them for faking their relationship in their Youtube videos and the rest standing neutral and advising the rest to stop involving in Sugu Pavithra’s personal issues.

Comments of netizens supporting Pavithra

Netizens bashing both of them for faking their love in their Youtube videos

Neutral Comments

Whatever it is guys, let’s not be the ones that jump into conclusion without proper information.

All we can do now is to pray that Pavithra is alright and helpfully they’ll be able to sort out their issues in person.

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