Ex-Miss Universe Malaysia’s Take on The Black Lives Matter Movement Had Cost Her Over Thousands of Backlash on the Internet

The 2017 Miss Universe Malaysia winner, Samantha Katie James had failed miserably on her effort to make constructive feedback on George Floyd’s Black Lives Matter movement.

Posting by the Shaderoom on Miss Samantha James’ comments on racism

Miss Samantha James made a post on her Instagram story on the afternoon of 1st June 2020, Monday to express her thoughts that the reactions of George Floyd’s protestors are evident that the “whites (have) won.

Further to that, she also added that African Americans need to “take it as a challenge” and claimed that they “chose to be born as coloured (people) in America.”

Unclear of her postings, an Instagram user direct messaged her to clarify what she meant when she mentioned that the people “choose to be born as coloured“, Miss Samantha replied to the user that the outcome is determined by our “souls”.

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Miss Samantha James’ reply to the Instagram user

In her reply, she had also mentioned that she is born as a “white girl” because she had chosen this, her soul did.

Not only she received thousands of backlash from the netizens after posting such outrageous comments on her Instagram story yesterday but there’s a petition started against Miss Samantha James on asking her to be stripped of her former Miss Malaysia Universe of crown and title.

Petition against Miss Samantha James

Up till 6 PM of 2nd June 2020, there’s about 21,708 people have signed for this petition.

In regards to this, The Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO) had also released a statement yesterday, 1st June 2020 on their Instagram.

They have mentioned that Miss Samantha James’ take on this issue was her personal one and not associated in any way with the organization.

MUMO’s statement

Just a while ago, Yasmin Yusoff, former beauty queen and celebrity had also released a statement to urge Miss Samantha James to take down her post on the controversial issue and apologize publicly.

Yasmin Yusoff, Miss Universe Malaysia... - Malaysian Beauty ...
Yasmin Yusoff urges Miss Samantha James’ to apologize

Yasmin also said that she could not understand what Miss Samantha James was trying to convey in her Instagram stories despite trying to understand it as positively as she could. “It doesn’t seem to be positive no matter how many times I read it”.

She also took this chance to advise the coming and existing beauty queens and influencers to be more mindful of their choice of word when expressing their views publicly. 

That’s not it, Henry Goulding had mentioned Miss Samantha James on his Instagram story. He said “I usually try to keep a cool head when it comes to these things, but reading your comments @samanthakayty infuriated me,”

Henry Golding calls out Miss Samantha James’ on his Instagram story

We hope Miss Samantha James realizes her mistake and apologize on this issue quickly before things got a lot more worse.

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